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Reactathon 2022 - My Takeaways


Reactathon 2022 was great. Great weather, great food, great company, and of course - great talks. My favorite talk however, was by Lee Robinson from Vercel, talking about NextJS. Next is probably the technology I'm enjoying the most in 2022, I'm currently building two projects with Next and I'm blown away with how easy it is to get started and the features you have out of the box.

Side note: with create-t3-app you can spin up a Next site with TypeScript, next-auth and tailwind out of the gate from the command line, worth checking out.

You can watch the full talk here:


  • React became popular because it allows you to build great user interfaces and experiences with components, but it succeeded because the community contributed so much into the ecosystem.
  • React is made stronger by the vast amounts of libraries and frameworks that abstract complexities - one example of this that I'm fond of is react-router-dom for my pure react projects like Moby. I'm also a big fan of react-query.
  • The web has become the largest app store in the world. I can make apps for anyone using pretty much any modern device without them having to download my app.
  • We want to show users HTML immediately without waiting for slow components to load. This is the primary function of Suspense, I use this on this blogs homepage for my AI avatar chatbot.
  • NextJS new routing system fully supports React 18 and allows you to take advantage of the benefits of Suspense.
  • You can adopt all the new features incrementally.

Sounds good.

The new Next Routing system in practice

To me the new next router is a huge improvement over the previous version. As I move away from the old router, the new folder structure just makes sense to me, being able to store components inside /pages makes everything a lot cleaner. Layouts are also easier as all you have to do is create a layout.js file and inside a route folder and that route will be applied to all the routes in the folder.

I'm still playing about with the changes and I'll update this article if I find anything interesting in the future.