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Tailwind Resources


I'm using this post to compile a list of TailwindCSS resources that I actually use for my projects. My bookmark folder has grown to the point where it makes sense to share this information. I'm focusing on quality over quantity and strictly limiting the list to things I frequently use.


Great UI library, one of the cleanest most modern I have seen. I'm using some modified versions of these components on this site.

Tailwind Cards

Just cards, probably my favorite UI design pattern. Some of these are good enough to drop straight into your app.

Tailwind UI

You probably already know about this one. I had to include it in this list because of the vast catalogue of components. I paid for lifetime access and I think it's a fair deal. The new templates are great also.

TailwindCSS Buttons

So many buttons and some are really unique and interesting. Anytime I start adding buttons to a project I'll take a look here first for inspo.


Anytime I need this added functionality to these UI components in my apps, I almost always reach for this. It works and looks great.


A large collection of components and UI blocks that can be a great way to start drafting up a site. Many are good enough to use in production with minor tweaks to match styling. Also integrates directly into figma via plugin.

Box Shadows for Tailwind

A nice variety of box shadows, this one is good to use with Tailwind Cards

Mesh Generator

I use mesh gradient quite a lot, this is a good place to get started with a design.

Notable Mentions

I don't use UI kits, I like to control and make the theme and styling decisions in my projects but DaisyUI is the best I have seen so far.

If you think I've missed a gem, please comment it below.